Awards Program

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Awards Descriptions

Each fall/winter ADA holds their annual awards banquet to recognize the achievements of our members during the show season. Awards that are presented at the banquet are as follows:

  • Level awards at Training Level, First Level, Second Level and Third Level and above, presented to the top horse and rider combinations, Junior, Adult Amateur and Senior, champion and reserve champion.
  • Horse of the year award, champion and reserve champion.
  • Rider of the year award, champion and reserve champion.
  • 60% certificates
  • Musical Freestyle Awards
  • Prix Caprilli Award
  • Pas de Deux Award
  • Quadrille Team Award

For descriptions of these awards and their requirements please reference the Awards section of our Handbook. ADA Handbook

Further awards at the ADA Banquet include:

These awards are designed to recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals who may not be competing but are absolutely indispensable to the local dressage community.

Historical Year End Awards Summary