Awards Program

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Awards Presented at Banquet

2017 ADA Year End Results

Each fall in October or November ADA holds their annual awards banquet to recognize the achievements of our members during the show season. Awards that are presented at the banquet are as follows:

  • Level awards at Training Level, First Level, Second Level and Third Level and above, presented to the top horse and rider combinations, Junior, Adult Amateur and Senior, champion and reserve champion.
  • Horse of the year award, champion and reserve champion.
  • Rider of the year award, champion and reserve champion.
  • 60% certificates
  • Musical Freestyle Awards
  • Prix Caprilli Award
  • Pas de Deux Award
  • Quadrille Team Award
  • Super-Senior (Horse) Award

For descriptions of these awards and their requirements please read the following document, which also describes the ASH awards program (note ASH awards are separate from ADA and given out by ASH at their awards banquet):

ADA and ASH Year End Award Rules

Further awards at the ADA Banquet include:

  • Kathryn Brooks Award
  • Christine Erikson Super Volunteer Award
  • Volunteer awards

These awards are designed to recognize the achievements and contributions of individuals who may not be competing but are absolutely indispensable to the local dressage community. For descriptions of the awards and procedures regarding how to nominate someone for these prestigious awards please consult the ADA Handbook:

ADA Handbook (updated spring 2013)

Alaska Dressage Association Kathryn Brooks award nomination form

Alaska Dressage Association Christine Erickson Award Nomination Form

Kathryn Brooks Lifetime Achievement Perpetual Award recipients:

  • 1987 Carolyn Schultz
  • 1988 Margaret Adams
  • 1989 Deana Johnson
  • 1990 Susie Kaiser
  • 1991 Katherine Long
  • 1992 Anna Tileston
  • 1993 Sigrun Robertson
  • 1994 Frieda Woodbury
  • 1995 Carla Giroux
  • 1996 Tracy Audette
  • 1997 Leslye Reynolds
  • 1999 Jennifer Watson
  • 2002 Christine Erikson
  • 2003 Sue Mues
  • 2004 Britany Kaiser
  • 2005 Laurie Collins
  • 2006 Mary Kaye Hession
  • 2007 Linda Kelley
  • 2008 Raena Schraer
  • 2012 Marti Miller
  • 2014 Erin Downey

Christine Erikson ADA Super Volunteer Award recipients:

  • 2004 Susie Kaiser
  • 2005 Christine Erikson
  • 2008 Linda Kelley
  • 2009 Carolyn Schultz
  • 2010 Mary Kaye Hession
  • 2012 Jeff Ritter
  • 2013 Victoria Fredenhagen
  • 2014 Anne Hancock

2012 ADA End of Year Awards

2015 ADA Year End Awards