Online Payments

Thanks for using our online payment portal, powered by PayPal! You can use this feature for paying for your annual memberships, horse recordings, award fees, sponsorships, donations, or even show fees! For set price payments, such as memberships and award fees, you can use the handy-dandy drop down menu.

If you’d like to pay for something that isn’t listed in the drop down menu, simply type the amount into the ‘Other Amount’ box. Please me sure to enter your email address and a short, relevant note so that we know who this payment is from and what it’s for.

Please be aware that we have added the credit card processing fees to the static payments. We do request that you help ADA stay financially healthy by adding 2.75% to any ‘other amounts’ that you manually type in. That covers our PayPal fees, and allows us to put all of our income towards continuing to provide Alaska with the best dressage opportunities possible. Thank you!

Please transition to the updated PayPal settings by configuring them within the "WP Accept PayPal Payment" plugin's settings menu.
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